Identifying and managing pain, shortness of breath, and fatigue with patients


Patient-centered Education and Research corporation will:

  • Support and fund work by the Palliative Care-Heart failure Education and Research Collaborative (PC-HEART) to improve communication and quality of life for persons with advanced heart failure and their families, and
  • Develop and disseminate education to improve patient and family experiences with chronic and life-limiting illnesses.


Patient-centered Education and Research will work with health care providers to reduce the burden of heart failure and other chronic illness on the patient and their family. We will create models and tools to enhance communication and decision-making, and identify treatments to manage symptoms to the level of comfort desired.


Patient-centered Education includes: Education and training for health care providers, specifically about communication with patients & their families, and about processes of care that are designed to meet patient & family needs, facilitate self-care and inform decision making. Educational materials for patients & families, including decision-making, advance care planning, communication with their physician, living with chronic or life-limiting illness and care-giving.

Our work includes

Palliative Care-Heart failure Education and Research Trials Collaborative (PC-HEART) is a clinical research network of leading investigators at academic and community medical centers, including heart failure and palliative care specialists, geriatricians, and hospice providers. The Guide for Families and Patients with Life-Limiting Disease, "Love, Hope, Care, Comfort" is a brief guide to managing symptoms, talking with doctors, setting goals and planning for the end of life.

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